Certified Massage training  (5 months)

Massage School "Sikhao Eneergy": A unique school, with techniques from all over the world!



5 Month training: 200H  

  • 10 week end  from Novembre to March

Intense training 

  • Module 1 - 1st to 17 May

  • Module 2 - 18th to 28th May

Objective: Realize with professionalism a quality massage of 60 min and 90 min.

Training place: Chamonix Mont Blanc

Opening hours: 8h30 - 18h00 Saturday and Sunday (different for intensive one)

Number of participants: 8 to 14 maximum.

The training will be open subject to 8 people registered. 

Price: € 1,880 (payment in installments possible) -

Early bird beofre 1st March: 1680€ 

Individual interview done before the training (description of expectations ...)



The founder of the "Sikhao Energy" massage school started traveling in 1999 in Australia where she made her first relaxing massage school at age 19.

More than a job she discovered in her a passion of her beginnings. She had found her voice.

Blanche has decided to dedicate 10 years of her life to travel around the globe and to travel in many countries to learn all the different techniques of massage and healing at the source (Relaxing, aromatic, sports, Hawaiian, Shiatsu, Thai, Balinese) the shamanic rituals in the Amazon as well as all the Indian rituals which led to Yoga in 2006.

She has worked in the largest spa in the world and in specialized clinics in Whisler (Canada) Fairmont Hotel, Chiang Mai School for Health (Thailand) and Guerlain in France where she formed teams and students


Blanche Transmits in the respect of the original techniques and will also teach you how to build your own diagnosis according to each client.


This certifying training is over 5 months for a total of 200 hours at a rate of 2 weekends a month or 1 month Intensive with a 4 month baby student program behind. 

At the end of the 5 month training, you will be asked to practice 30 massages on friends and have their feedback written on a notebook.

At the end of the intensive month, you will be asked to practise 30 massages on friends and have their feedback written down a notebook and to meet ones a month to have a following on your study.

Theanathomy and fascias courses will be lead by a certified Rolfing teacher Kristy Shelley.

After validation test of your hand, you will be awarded a diploma and you can start and fly on your own. We will also be happy to help you get started!


You will have the chance to have access to the biggest massage techniques! They are practiced in the most prestigious SPA in the world.


Questions? 06 60 82 86 59

Dates of the modules:*


November 16 & 17 Touching - Feeling - 1st contact The basics of massage and their benefits - Relaxing Massage

November 30th & December 1st : Massage with aromatic oils and how to make its oils? Balinese relaxing massage

December 14th & 15th:  Sports Massages & Deep tissue. Anatomy course

January 4th & 5th, 2020: Next Sport Massages & Deep. Pregnant women massage

 January 11th & 12th: Thai Massages

January 25th & 26th: Thai Massages

February 8th & 9th: Fascia Course - Thai Massage - Digipuncture - Chinese Medicine concept

February 22d & 23d:  Hawaiian Massages - Lomi Lomi

March 7th & 8th: General Revisions

March 14th & 15th: EXAM

Intense training 1Month

  • Module 1 - 1st to 17 May

  • Module 2 - 18th to 28th May


Theoretical portion:

  • Notion in anatomy & physiology

  • Fascia concept and their importance

  • Notion of the use of Moxas in some treatments

  • Indication and contraindication to massage

  • Hygiene practices

  • Choice of vegetable oils and essential oils (properties, advantages, contraindications)

  • Choice of the massage table and accessories


Practical side:

  • Preparation of the treatment room, reception, interrogation, observations 

  • Attitude of the practitioner (Reception, posture, breathing, right gestures)

  • Protocol of a global massage

  • Materials provided by the school:

  • Massage tables, Futon & accessories (Welleda Organic Oils arnica)

  • Manual - course support

  • Tracking sheet for each student





To bring by the students:


  • 2 large bath towels (70cm x 140cm) + a small bath towel (50cm x 70cm) + a disposable sheet (or a large beach towel)

  • A porcelain bowl (for oil)

  • Comfortable outfit + socks or slippers

  • A pen + a notebook

  • Veggie lunch to share

*The modules are for information only and progress according to the progress of the students. No diploma will be awarded if the teachers issued that the student needs to work his knowledge and his hand. The protocols must be known by heart.

Registration form & Terms

Please download and fill out the attached form and return it by email to: sikhao@gmail.com please.


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